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Website was down for a couple hours

Our website went offline for a couple of hours last night while were finishing up some upgrades and migrations.

As with any new technology, hiccups and bugs are expected and we appreciate all the feedback, screenshots and bug descriptions we've received from users. Thank you for helping us run a great site!

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  1. Why it’s not working? It’s not downloading. Even i waited for a minites..

  2. Since you upgraded nothing is happening when you want to download music,I think you should bring back the old website once you click on MP3 it must show the kbs than what is happening now

  3. nothing is working at all and this website is now useless

  4. Bring back the old one is better easily download mp3

  5. This is a fucking website at all bring back the oldest loudtronix pls
    The oldest loudtronix are super faster than the one instead

  6. Not working still and it keeps saying failed to the video and I have tried other videos for the same song and it keeps saying that

  7. Cant download the song in the below link

  8. This is bullshit

  9. Will not not let me search for anything. Bring back the old version!!!

  10. Will not down load like this for weeks now

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