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Slow website due to network issues

We're experiencing some network issues which is causing pages to load slower in some regions.

Please be patient while we're working to fix this.


All issues have been resolved. Everything should be back to normal. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us via our facebook messenger (see our facebook page) or email us!

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  1. Still having slow page loading and can’t get the video page to pop up. I already checked settings and all are right. Didnt have issues before..

  2. When I search a song nothing will show up I mean I try refreshing it and everything I also try a different song and it still do the same thing

  3. Having trouble downloading music from site, it seems as if neither artist or song name is recognized resulting in no download choices, everything has been great up to yesterday. HELP, I am missing my music searches. Thanks, iycepapa.

  4. Now getting selections to download but converter not starting although site says “starting converter” but that’s all. thanks again, iycepapa.

  5. Everything going great, thanks for sorting out the kinks. Iycepapa.

  6. couldn’t load anything when start searching for songs

  7. Before i was downloading lots of songs frm loudtronix but frm somedays any songs name i write in search block its showing no result ? pls feed back me

  8. Hey guys, having download issues again, song or artists name gets no response, all was O.K. earlier in the day. Thanks for your attention to site issues. Iycepapa

  9. I tried to download a song but “those ads” keep appearing and blocking my download.Making it difficult for me to find the download tab.

  10. Hey there guys, having download issues again, no response to requests. Thanks for your attention to past issues. Iycepapa

  11. Have always appreciated your website. Thanks for making my music downloads so easy…until the last week or so. I live in Texas and am in Ohio for a visit. I’ve had the same issue in both States so it’s not location related, (I live in the boonies).
    When I search an artists name or song title I get the Error 502 Bad Gateway message. It says the error is with the host not my browser or Cloudfare(?). There is a Cloudfare Ray I’d of 39e173c0ba64251f. I would 4eally love a response as to whether I will be able to continue to use your services. I’m hoping so. As a music lover and indulger I can’t begin to say thank you enough for all I have been able to download. Thanks y’all.

    • You guys are great. Fixed my issue within moments. Please don’t stop what your doing for the true music lovers out here. GREAT JOB Y’ALL !!!

  12. nothing appears under search results

  13. started to finally download but took forever so had to sop


  15. Hi loudtronix stil not workin in here.

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