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New Website Design

We've finally pushed out a long overdue design update. LoudTronix should now be more mobile friendly and easier to use 🙂

If you have any questions or suggestions please comment, send us a facebook message or email us at [email protected]

Have a great day and enjoy!

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  1. New site design sucks! Just so you know.

  2. How does it work REALLY!!!

  3. New design sucks, and nothing downloads, it keeps saying “error”

  4. always error” pls do something about it

  5. I’m not able to download it only has the option to play

  6. The new design looks cool and elegant.

  7. The new design looks cool and elegant.

  8. What you guys talking about? The site runs normal as it should be, i found no issues, in fact this site is getting better and better.

  9. Please help with error downloading problem, last week it would download any song and now every time I download a song it will tell me download failed please help, I love the sight when it was working

  10. How do I switch the source?

  11. The sites just great…
    No bugs or hangups and all the links work fine in Chrome, Safri and Firefox

  12. I have a problem with your website

  13. why can’t download chinese song since loudtronix update!feel bad.

  14. Awsome site but search results does not display ?

  15. New design is terrible

  16. like others i cannot download just use play option,very annoying

  17. Terrible Design…
    And Deffnitly Much Slower Than The Previous Version….

  18. please bring back the old design..it is hard to use the new design

  19. New design is bad you should have kept the old i can’t download on the new one

  20. nothing works anymore

  21. As you have seen so many have complained including me, so please quickly fix this or you loosing users

  22. Yes I am having problems downloading I don’t understand it first it says it wants a quality and then all there is his number then it says convert video I tap on it and nothing happens can you tell me how it works cuz I don’t know and then I have a problem with these ads about women I don’t think that it’s good for everybody to be there just to see thank you

  23. New version sucks . thumps up for the older version . u can’t download a thing jusk keeps saying downloading pm3 to your browser.

  24. I having the same problem of downloading, and i don’t see loudtronix admin responding to comment.

  25. I see the results from my search but it does not download anything. Please bring the old format back, it was much more user-friendly and faster.apparently you have not worked out all of the kinks to have these many complaints.

  26. Is this website still working… I’m getting a I’m not allowed to view this page notification I can search and as well it is showing me results I’m using mobile but when it comes to download it’s slapping me with a you aren’t allowed to view this page. Please get back to me and tell me what I should do…I also wa bm too register and it’s not allowing me to submit.

  27. Why isn’t your loudtronix working. It won’t upload any of my music like it usually do. Put back the last version cuz that worked way better.

  28. it is not working , make things simple I like to key in my own search !

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