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Fixed: Unexpected downtime and empty results on mobile

We had some weird unexpected issues and downtime today. Many mobile visitors (especially the ones with slower mobile internet connections) were getting blank search results along with missing images and other resources.

We fixed all issues and everything should be back to normal for all desktop, tablet and mobile users.

Please let us know if you have any other issues! 🙂

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  1. Still experiencing this issue. What’s going on? Nothing loads when downloading mp3.

    • Same for me. It doesn’t even let me choose low medium or high quality anymore it just says converting video to your browser and even after I pick how many kilobytes per second it then says OK now converting to MP3 but it never converted to an MP3 or download to my specified’s destination any longer Or at all

    • Same for me STILL .

  2. What’s with the conversion it takes a very long time

  3. Hey i just wanted to let you know that for me it doesn’t seem to work anymore as i’ll click the conversion button and i’ll choose one of the 4 qualities but it then does nothing other than apparently converting and eventually will send an error message. Please fix this but also thanks for helping me download all my music!!

  4. Cant download showing stuff i never saw and will not dowload nothing

    • Yea it will let me search and choose what quality MP3 I want but whenever it’s converting it just doesn’t ever convert and it takes a very long time I usually use this website for downloading my music always because it was so reliable but it doesnt seem to be working anymore please fix this I Love this page

  5. does not download any more

  6. Why I can’t download it??

  7. Mine is not downliading too whats going on

  8. I can’t get anything to load. Everything looks different. I hate this so much.

  9. It’s all changed and I hate it.wont download any music

  10. Won’t download any more music

  11. Won’t download

  12. hi guys nothing is downloading since 48 hours ago , some of us have limited data services eish

  13. Conversion process takes too long. And it never downloads. Whats with the update?

  14. This new conversion process disgusts me, whomever created this new process and/or made the desicion to change from the old way… you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  15. I can’t download anything.

  16. Wow…what happened???? I can’t even download anything anymore! And what is downloading to browser?

  17. I can’t download anymore what’s up with this new update?

  18. what happened here sir.. some kind of download problems?

  19. I clicked one of the speeds in the conversion slots ,then it continued for a GOOD 1 HOUR. AND THEN WHAT , “THERE WAS AN ERROR”

    And also i think that the previous design of the website was a lot more mobile friendly ,user friendly and a whole lot efficient and faster.


  20. what is the use of an website if it is not working.the old loudtronix website work well,no need to change it.

  21. Will not download MP3s from Youtube videos. Have tried several times with several different songs and videos.

  22. I’m having problem downloading music

  23. Why can’t I DonDownload anything

  24. u pple are deliberate im fucken pissed

  25. omg why so slowwwwww the downloading?? why?!!!!!!

  26. putang:na ang tagal mg download!!!!!!!

  27. After choosing the quality it can’t download. It used be a reliable source I usually downtown music but it can’t be reliable now.
    Please rectify the problem as soon as possible.


  28. Same experience here.

  29. Empty search results again

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