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Fixed bug that caused conversion errors

Some users experienced errors when converting certain videos. We just pushed a new update to our conversion servers so those videos shouldn't be failing anymore.

If you still have issues, please email or facebook message us a link, screenshot and a small description what issue you were having so we can locate and fix the issue as soon as possible.

Have a great day! 🙂

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  1. I dont want to tell you a problem i just wanna thank youbfor making this beautiful site it helps me a lot in downloading music. This is the easiest site that i use for downloading musics.


  2. am sorry why you should not support 2hours download and why you not allow us to download video

  3. Fix your viruses!!!

  4. thanks for the great service guys! but I’m having trouble dowloading soundcloud files. they come as a non music file that can only be forced on windows media player. I realy want to download mp3 versions from soundcloud. thanks. j.c

  5. I just got a free Go Phone card code from http://gophone.reloadcodes.com

  6. I only wanted a song not a video but everyrime i search my favorite songs…video will come out

  7. I just wsnted to hear not to see

  8. Fix your mistakes…it made me mad…i want to hear my favorite songs.. But everytime i search its error..i loaded my phone many times..just to download musics but its always…error..

  9. Why loud tronix stop working

  10. Please fix downloads converting to utube not working anymore so sad

  11. I liked the last download converters on YouTube and now I can’t download anything so disappointed

  12. Loudtronix has downloading errors.

  13. Y is the downloading takes a lot of seconds to download

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